ESG Designs is a web design and software solutions company based in Ankara, Turkey. It was founded by Emine Gokce Phillips and Richard Phillips who have a wealth of experience in Information Technology having studied it at university and worked for cutting edge Tech companies.

We are committed to providing our customers with finished products that, not only look great, but are built to professional standards and are tailored to their exact needs.


Richard Phillips (Director & Senior Developer)

Richard has a passion for technology, software development & web design. This passion led him to found ESG Designs with his wife Gokce. Richard has worked in IT, development & web design for over 15 years. Richard graduated from University with a degree in Mathematics but began learning software development whilst working at Thomson Reuters (The biggest Tech company that serves the global financial markets) where he worked for 12 Years. During these 12 years, he worked in Geneva, London and Dubai offices, where at his final post he managed and coached tens of people based in London, Phillippines and Poland in implementing Financial Models and applications based on customers' requirements.

Richard prides himself on providing customers with professional, high quality & functional solutions at affordable prices. Richard is also a British National which means any customers that require sites in English (as well as Turkish) benefit from having a native English speaker write / translate their content.

When Richard is not in the office he enjoys spending time with his family, Ela & Sophie (his daughters) and Gokce (his wife) - The initials of their names became the companies acronym - ESG.


Emine Gokce Phillips (Director)

Gokce studied Computer Engineering at METU and went off to Switzerland in 2001. Having worked as a software engineer (Bluefire AG) and e-product specialist (Thomson Reuters) in Bern and in Geneva, she decided to go back to university and studied MSc in Software Engineering and completed her PhD in Software Testing in the University of York, UK. During her PhD, she received the EPSRC PhD funding for 4 years granted to successful students by the UK government and the Gibbs Award given to a select number of students to give them the opportunity to study abroad (Gokce utilised the award to work with Prof. Mark Utting in New Zealand for 4 months).

During her PhD, Gokce made research on DO178B specifications as well as MC/DC testing, specifically used in  Defence sector. Based on this research, she then focused on testing Black Box systems using modelling.

Following her PhD, she worked on energy management systems in Masdar Institute of Technology and Science (a place famous for generating its own electricity, utilising driverless cars on magnetic lines and looking to achieve zero CO2 emission) in Abu Dhabi / UAE.

After discovering her interest in technical processes and process optimisation, she received the Six Sigma Black Belt Training in the UK and worked as a project leader and manager in Kuehne-Nagel (the German Forwarder company est.1874), in the shipping Giant Maersk Line (the Danish Shipping company carrying 25% of world's food around) and in Thomson Reuters (the world's biggest in Financial Information Technology).

After her two daughters Ela and Sophie joined their family, Gokce and Richard decided to move to Turkey and setup ESG Designs to work on the field where they have the most expertise.

When she is not in the office, Gokce spends time with the family, volunteers in various different activities and swim as often as she can..