Below is a sample of recent work that demonstrates the varying types of solutions we have provided for our customers.

Swedish Alumni Network in Turkey

Custom Website with CMS


Project Scope

The Swedish Alumni Network in Turkey needed a new website (to replace their old one). They wanted a fresh, modern look to the site with the following functionality:

Content Managed System
- Control over text / content
- News
- Events
- Gallery

Registration & Member Login
- Registration form for new members
- Member login / profile

Mailchimp Integration
- New members automatically added to mailchimp lists
- Changes flow automatically to mailchimp lists

Google Tag Manager Integration
- Google analytics

Facebook Page feed integration
- Custom facebook news feed integrated to the homepage

What we did

For this project we worked with the Swedish Embassy in Ankara & the Swedish Alumni Network in Turkey team to provide them with a new website. The end result was a modern looking & responsive website that allows the organisation to easily manage their content and members.

The site went live in March 2017.

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BiddyBull - UK Auction Website

Custom Website, SQL DataBase, CMS, eCommerce


Project Scope

The customer required a highly customised website which meant the database and site code had to be written from scratch. The customer required the site to be hosted out Microsofts Azure Cloud.

Auction Website
- Users bid on items / lowest unique bid wins the auction
- Custom SQL Server db to store user details, bids

Additional Bonus Slot Machine Game
- 5 Reel Slot Machine

- Registration
- Member Login
- Member Account Views
- Member Messaging Centre

- Custom Stripe Payment Module
- Custom Discount Voucher System

Google Tag Manager Integration
- Tag Manager Integration (Google Analytics)

Mailchimp Integration
- New Users automatically added to lists
- Changes automatically update lists

Signal R Real Time updates
- Real time updates when users bid

What we did

This project was a fascinating one to work on, it presented numerous challenges due to the complexity of the auction methodology the customer used. We created the database from scratch to ensure the customers requirements were completely met. To scale the application efficiently we created stored procedures in the database to do the legwork when users bids were being made.

The Websites user interface has a fun but modern look and is of course responsive so it can be easily viewed on any sized device.

This project required a custom shopping cart and payment module to be written - the customer wanted to use Stripe as the 3rd party payment gateway provider so we integrated stripe to the payment module (remaining PCI compliant).

The customer also wanted a bonus slot machine game for their customers, we created a 5 reel slot machine from scratch, completely random with a fixed percentage payout (over time)

The resulting site is rich in functionality for users and rich in data for the site administrators. The development process took time due to it's complexity but was well worth the effort.

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AAL Realty

Custom site, CMS


Project Scope

AAL Realty is a Real Estate Consultancy & Borkerage company. They were looking for a new website which was clean, professional and engaging to visitors.

The site also needed to be multi lingual (Turkish & English)

Content Managed System
- Manage site content
- Manage properties / locations etc...
- Manage Currencies / Currency Data


Quandl API Integration
- Quandl API integrated to pull currency data into the application

tinyjpg integration
- image compression via tinyjpg.com API integrated

What we did


We created a customised site with an Umbraco CMS backend. The CMS was tailored to give the customer a modular approach to managing the elements on the page. Each component they add to a page displays as a separate section on the page.

We also created a custom property management and search function for all the properties they wish to list.

We integrated Quandl API to feed currency data to the application

We integrated tinyjpg.com API for mage compression to aid performance.

We integrated Vimeo / Youtube video embeds for property virtual tours and we also integrated matterport virtual tours. 

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